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Tubal Sterilization (Female)


Female sterilization, often called a tubal ligation or getting 'tubes tied', requires a surgical procedure that closes the fallopian tubes between the ovaries and the uterus.

With appropriate anesthesia, a small incision is made near the woman's navel. The doctor seals the fallopian tubes using an electric current, clip or band. Pregnancy cannot occur because the sperm cannot get to the egg.

This method is considered a permanent and irreversible method of birth control. Although this method is considered to be low risk for complications, surgical problems such as bleeding, infection and reaction to the anesthesia may occur. Doctors may not perform this surgery if the general health of the individuals does not permit this procedure. Surgical methods do not protect against sexually-transmitted diseases.

No additional hormones are introduced into the body, no pills need to be taken daily, and nothing needs to be inserted before intercourse. This surgery does not remove any organs, and the body still produces hormones.

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