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Canadiancondom.COM is a specialized retailer of condoms and safer sex products. We have been in business since 1999. Our goal is to provide a discreet way for customers to learn about, and purchase condoms and safer sex products.

Canadiancondom.COM offers condoms, safer sex products, and family planning products. Our web-site also contains basic educational material about safer sex. A rule-based "expert system" is available on our site to help patrons choose a suitable brand and type of condom.

Not only does Canadiancondom.COM offer a wider selection than can be found in most drugstores, it is the discreet nature in which our internet business is conducted that makes us truly unique. Our channel of distribution offers a relaxed environment for customers to learn about and choose among our products. Such information does not accompany product offerings in drugstores, convenience stores, or vending machines.

The main benefit of our service is privacy. The use of condoms is very private in nature and our shopping web-site provides customers with this needed privacy. Our web-site is also conveniently available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As our business grows, we will expand our product line to include a larger selection of condoms available than in traditional specialty stores. Our unique merchandise will allow a customer to truly choose what is suitable for him or her. Other benefits our web-site has to offer include saving time shopping, and providing customers with unprecedented access to information and education.

Although a lucrative market, will not be associated with any pornographic web-sites or other web-sites deemed as degrading toward an identifiable group.

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